They're not just skirts! Efecto Limón is happiness: it's about doing things differently, to enjoy life and to be original. Efecto Limón is the Mediterranean, it's Barcelona, it's strolling casually, it's loving friends. It is appreciating  the special things in life.  It is the connection one gets from a smile, it's passion, it's the sea breeze, the freshness of a Limón and the Efecto it has on you.


You might ask yourself: how does a skirt do all that...? Efecto Limón wants you to take chances. It wants you to be free.


Efecto Limón is a unique skirt, handmade under the Barcelona sunlight by craftsmen using a one kilometer-long zipper, our worst-kept secret. Only the expert hands of our true artists are able to model skirts properly in a unique and peculiar pattern and flow.  That is our true secret because each skirt is as unique as its owner: diverse, fun and different.


But that's not all!!  Efecto Limón is more: It is the belief in the product of proximity, the quality and confidence that comes from dealing with experienced suppliers. It is working with care and knowing the value of each skirt. Giving them the care and dedication that such a unique and distinctive product deserves.


Efecto Limón is you! The you, like us who understands the way of dressing as a means to express yourself freely, unfettered, breaking with the boring and being sophisticated.


William Nunes, Paqui Costea and the creative team invite you to join the Efecto Limón!!!! Flow, fly and swirl with us!